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Bill Moran Push Dagger
Bill Moran Push Dagger

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offering the finest in handmade custom knives from the world's best knifemakers and engravers.

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Announcing Knifeology's first ever open to the public sale!

(all previous sales have been offered exclusively to those on the Knifeology Mailing List)

Only some knives (approx. 1/2 of inventory) are on sale, prices are noted on the individual knife page.

All sale prices are net to Knifeology. The sale will run till the end of this (July) month.

- Newest Custom Knife Arrivals - Click Thumbnails for Detailed Images and Specifications

Matt Lerch Longerie Lovelies engraved by Brian Hochstrat -2 Ochs Worx_Oni_Tanto_Timascus_CF Daniel Galloway_Bentley


Ochs Worx

Daniel Galloway

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Reese Bose_Stockman_Remington Bone
Enrique Pena_Lannys Clip_Mokuti_Starfire Damascus Jason Clark_Drop Point_Aztec Timascus_San Mai Blade

Reese Bose

Enrique Pena

Jason Clark

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Richard Tesarik_Silver Magnolia Jared Price_Finch_Elec Blue CF R J Martin_Q36_Electric Blue CF
Artist/Index of previously sold knives

Richard Tesarik

Jared Price

R J Martin

Ron Lake_Millennium_Stag_Rose Gold Brian Chovanec_Persian Fighter Nick Swan_Matanzas_OD Green
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Ron Lake

Nick Swan

Brian Chovanec

Warren Osborne sm dagger Engraved by Joe Mason Ken Steigerwalt_Mammoth_Damastteel_Gents Knife Fisher Bros_Launch
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Ken Steigerwalt

Fisher Bros.

John W Smith_Art Knife Enrique Pena_Native Brian Tighe_Tighe Fighter_Subtle Splash Ano

-We are always looking to buy mint condition custom knives & custom knife collections. We are especially interested in acquiring knives by great makers such as those featured within this site. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

John W Smith

Enrique Pena

Brian Tighe

Ken Steigerwalt_EOS CAS_Push Dagger_Stag Matt Lerch_Mako_Timascus

Ken Steigerwalt

CAS Sobral

Matt Lerch

Warren Osborne_Hunter and Hunted_Brian Hochstrat_Engraver_Thumbnail Brian Tighe_Celtic Fighter Jeremy Krammes Helix


Brian Tighe

Jeremy Krammes

Tom Ploppert_4 Blade Congress GTC F-Supersonic
Sergio Consoli_Simone Frezzardi_Kill Bill

The next show were I will be setting up is The USN Gathering 9/2 & 3 in Las Vegas

If you are attending please stop by and say hello.

If there is a particular knife you would like me to bring, please let me know in advance.


Tom Ploppert


Warren Osborne_Colosseum_C J Cai engraver_Thumbnail Todd Begg_Field Marshall_Copper Korth_K2_Carved Skull



Todd Begg

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