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Bill Moran Push Dagger
Bill Moran Push Dagger

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offering the finest in handmade custom knives from the world's best knifemakers and engravers.

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Emmanuel Esposito Pike Les Voorhies Simplex_Ponzio Damasteel_Zirc_Damasteel Vox F6_Bronze

Emmanuel Esposito

Les Voorhies


Reese Bose Swayback_2 Blade_Remington Bone Bill Ruple LBW_Remington Bone Jason Clark Persian_San Mai_Blk Timascus
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Reese Bose

Bill Ruple

Jason Clark

Les Voorhies Void_Damasteel_Zirc
Ron Lake_Millennium_Stag_Rose Gold Josh Fisher Trapper_Damascus_Ebony
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Ron Lake

Josh Fisher

Les Voorhies

Scott Sawby Swift engraved by Joe Mason Tom Overeynder Gunstock Joe Mason Engraver Neil Blackwood Henchman
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Neil Blackwood

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Reese Bose

Peter Martin

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Michael Walker Linerlock Reese Bose_Saddlehorn Gavko Spinner

Michael Walker

Reese Bose


-We are always looking to buy mint condition custom knives & custom knife collections. We are especially interested in acquiring knives by great makers such as those featured within this site. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ken Steigerwalt Art Deco Krammes_KLG01A Vox F6_Blue

Ken Steigerwalt

Jeremy Krammes


Jack Busfield_Sun & Moon_Jon Robyn Bob Loveless Amber Stag Hideout Ken Onion Slacker_Blue


Bob Loveless

Ken Onion

Ken Steigerwalt Desk Knife Salvatore Puddu_6 Blade Tom Mayo_Dr Death_Mosaic Pins

Ken Steigerwalt

Salvatore Puddu

Tom Mayo

The next show were I will be setting up is The NYCKS 11/18 - 20 in Jersey City, NJ

If you are attending please stop by and say hello.

If there is a particular knife you would like me to bring, please let me know in advance.

Warren Osborne_Amalfi_Jon Robyn_Engraver Jim Dunlap_Shadow Pattern Trappers Jason Clark Hunter_Mosaic Bolsters


Jim Dunlap

Jason Clark

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