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Welcome to Knifeology. My name is Mark Strauss. I am the owner of Knifeology. I enjoy watches, wine, cigars, guns, fast cars, an occasional scotch and, of course, custom knives.

I have been collecting knives since 1980. My first interest in knives was using knives from makers such as Case, Gerber, Puma, etc. My introduction to Custom Knives came about as a result of my wandering the aisles of a gun show and stumbling onto a talented knife maker by the name of Joel Chamblin, from whom I acquired my first custom knife. My Custom Knife collecting has continued with a primary focus on gentlemen's pocket folders including those that are highly engraved. I, by no means however limit myself to this genre, my interest extends to tactical knives, traditional folders, fixed blade knives, etc. A beautiful knife is a beautiful knife.

At its essence, this web site is about sharing my passion for custom knives. As my collection has grown through the years and my tastes evolve it is necessary to occasionally offer various pieces for sale in order to be able to acquire new and different pieces that I desire and to maintain my collection within sane economic limits. I offer for sale knives that have been in my collection as well as knives acquired directly from makers, and I also sell pre-owned knives that have been acquired from other enthusiasts.

I believe that the knives you will find on this site are among the finest custom knives from the best custom makers. Please enjoy your visit to this site. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mark Strauss

P.S. for those who may be interested here is a link to a separate website that shows some of the custom knives in my personal collection and provides information about collecting, caring for and enjoying custom knives.  You can return to this site any time by clicking the knives for sale @ button on the left side of each page.  Here is the link: knifeologycustomknives


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