Frequently Asked Questions

I Clicked on the “My Collection” link, Are Any of Those for Sale?

I am not actively trying to sell any of them, but I will consider offers. As they are among my favorites, please consider this when making an offer.

Does Knifeology Offer Lay-A-Way?

We do not actively promote it but yes, we will do Lay-A-Ways. Typically, we ask for 1/3 to ¼ down and 60 to 90-day payouts. On very expensive items we will consider longer payout terms. Initial deposits are non-refundable. A more detailed description of our Lay-A-Way policy is available on request. A special note; we prefer to not do Lay-a-Ways on newly listed listed items.

Do You Take Trades?

We will consider trades. We usually do not take trades on newly listed pieces, also, do not expect to receive full retail value in return for your trades.

Will You Consider Offers Below The Listed Price?

We are always open to offers, however, not on newly listed items. The longer an item has been listed on the website the more we are inclined to accept an offer.

Do You Do Consignment Sales?

No. All the knives listed on our site are owned by Knifeology.

Why Do You Ship All Knives Signature Required? Can I Ship Without That Requirement?

Our insurance coverage requires this. Knifeology covers the cost of insuring your knife during transit. We will ship without Signature Required if you agree to wave insurance coverage for your item. The buyer is then fully responsible in case of loss. For international shipments coverage does not extend to shipments once they leave the United States.

Knifeology prefers Bank Wires on International Shipments, Do You Make Any Exceptions or Offer Any Alternatives?

Knifeology prefers certified funds on international transactions since liability for items becomes the responsibility of the purchaser once the package leaves the USA. No insurance covers seizure by customs. We will accept other forms of payment on a case by case basis. Repeat customers and those with appropriate references can easily be accommodated.

I Am Interested in Knives by a Particular Maker, Can You Let Me Know If You Get Any Before Everyone Else?

We strive to be as fair as possible to all our customers, so we do not track or respond to individual requests such as this. Those who subscribe to the Knifeology Mailing List are always the first to be notified of new listings. Since e-mails are often viewed as a nuisance we show our appreciation to those who will allow us to communicate with them in this manner by giving them the first notification.