John W Smith - Fusion

John W Smith - Fusion


This is a brand-new model from John, the Fusion. This is a liner lock with ambidextrous opening via thumb studs. This knife features a hand rubbed satin finished blade of S35-V tempered to 60 Rc (Rockwell hardness), it runs on Phosphorus Bronze washers and a ceramic detent. The bolsters are polished Marbled Carbon Fiber mounted with polished and anodized Ti screws, the scales are Carpathian Elm burl mounted with polished and anodized Ti screws over a polished, jeweled and anodized 6AL-4V Titanium frame, the clip is Zirconium mounted with polished and heat-colored stainless screws. The back spacer is anodized titanium with a hand filed rope pattern and a lanyard hole tops off this package! Brand new from the maker, a wonderful knife for the collection or EDC use.


Blade length: 3 1/4"

Closed: 4 1/4"


Case/sheath: zippered pouch


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