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Jim Dunlap - Wharncliff Trapper

Jim Dunlap - Wharncliff Trapper


Here is a Wharncliff Trapper from Jim Dunlap. This knife features hand rubbed satin finished blades (Clip & Wharncliff) of CPM154 steel with half stops and pulls of approx. 4 to 4 1/2 on a 10-pt. scale, the bolsters are rounded, and the front bolsters fluted, scales are beautiful, what Tony Bose described as, "African Goat Horn", and there is a Federal shield. This is an outstanding piece, brand new direct from the maker.


Blade length: 2 5/8" (both

Closed: 3 5/8"


Case/sheath: Dunlap Logo zippered pouch and C.O.A.

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