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Previously Sold Knives

Tony Bose

Reese, the oldest of three Bose children, proved himself an enterprising young man early in life. In third grade he started a knife sharpening business. It was obvious then that Reese would be involved in the knife making business when he grew up. With a famous knife maker as a father it was a natural path. Reese joined his father in his workshop (Wilford Works) in 1993 and has established himself as an accomplished knife maker. Tony and Reese Bose are arguably the most famous makers of traditional pattern and slip joint knives alive today. Reese's has a 5 year plus waiting list and when his knives are available for sale via lottery hundreds of people enter for a chance to purchase one of his knives. The highest level of fit and finish makes Reese's knives great collectibles or everyday users.

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