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Previously Sold Knives

Todd Rexford

Talk about “Rock Stars” in the knife world, well Todd certainly fits the bill. He no longer takes orders, sells most knives via lottery and when he does a bid up or auction knife the prices realized go through the roof! Here is some background about Todd and his philosophy about knife making from his website: “My fascination with knives began as a young boy attending numerous gun shows with my father. Every now and again I was able to pick out a knife for myself and soon my collection began to grow. As I got older, sport shooting, hunting, fishing, and automobiles consumed my life. I went to work in my father's garage and continued on to college in order to obtain my engineering degree.

After college I continued to work in the garage until I moved out of state. It was then my fascination with knife-making began. Starting with simple machinery and hand files (plus lots of blood and sweat), I produced my first knife. From then on the addiction was set in stone. I strive to learn and improve the skills and designs I use on my knives with every piece that leaves the grinder. New materials and procedures are coming out every day and I take a lot of joy in learning everything possible about what works, and what does not when it comes to edged tools.”

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