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Previously Sold Knives

Steven Kelly

Steven built his first knife in 2000, a hunting knife for his own use. Steve was hooked on making knives. In 2001 he started forging and in 2002 he began making his own Damascus. In June of 2008 he passed the American Bladesmith Society, Journeyman Smith test. In 2009 he began to focus on tactical knives drawing on his 15 years of experience in law enforcement building strong usable folders, the kind of knife he would carry on the street. Some comments from Steve about his knife making philosophy: “I believe that knives can be beautiful in appearance. But first and foremost, must be a functional tool. I strive to make my knives the toughest, best cutting tools possible. I fully believe in and use the designs I produce. My knives are used in and subjected to one of the toughest environments in the Country, the Montana outdoors. Montana has some of the most severe weather challenges and the best sporting challenges anywhere”. S.K. Knives is located in Bigfork, Montana. Steve’s knives are all sole proprietorship. He guarantees all his knives against defects in quality and craftsmanship.

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