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Previously Sold Knives

Stan Wilson

Stan is a multi award winning knife maker with a multi year wait list. The fit and finish on his work is second to none. He uses hidden screw construction, his file-work is impeccable, his knives are sole authorship with the exception of Damascus which he sources from the best makers, he freehand grinds all his blades and he has a unique and exciting style. A few words direct from Stan about his work; “Every knife I make is made from the finest materials available to me. I hand craft each knife individually, giving every one the care and attention it needs to come out right. If you look closely at my designs you will notice a minimal amount of straight lines. I try my best to incorporate into my designs gentle curves and changes in lines that convey a sense of motion and life. Beauty, warmth and a quality that will last a lifetime." You will never be disappointed in a Stan Wilson knife.

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