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Warren Osborne Pirates engraved by Tim Adlam

Warren Osborne - Pirates / Tim Adlam - Engraver


The "Pirates" knife is a Warren Osborne modified Model 38 with a Wharnecliff blade of Mike Norris Hornet's Nest SS Damascus. The inlays are lapis, the frame and fittings are 416 SS and this knife is serial # 001. The engraving by Tim Adlam is based on illustrations from the 1903 "The Book of Pirates" by Howard Pyle, copies of the illustrations are included with the pictures of the knife. All the panels are outlined in 24k Gold; bandanas, coat buttons, blindfold, rope, trumpet and cane are all done in 24k Gold. Bandoliers, gun port hinges and the bands on the treasure chest are all of Copper. In the scene were they are burying the treasure there is a 20 gun French Corvette on the horizon. The detail in this engraving is amazing!


Blade length: 3 3/8"

Closed: 4 3/8"

Overall length: 7 3/4"


Case/sheath: Bill's Custom case with hook & loop closure

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