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Tom Overeynder - Hunter & Hunted, engraved by Lisa Tomlin

Tom Overeynder - Hunter & Hunted, engraved by Lisa Tomlin


This spectacular dagger is from Tom Overeynder and the engraving is by Lisa Tomlin.  This work of art features Toms large model 15 lock-back dagger with a CTS-XHP blade sporting a hand rubbed satin finish, nail nick and fuller grove, the stone inlays are Biggs Jasper, beautiful!  The engraving by Lisa Tomlin features the hunter, a Lion, and the hunted, a Zebra.  On the display side the Lion is looking for its next meal and the Zebra is cautiously checking out its surrounding.  On the reverse side the Lion has seen its prey and is on the attack while the Zebra has become aware of the Lion is running to escape.  The images are framed by Gold inlays.  This is a fantastic work of art by two masters.  A wonderful addition to any collection.


Blade length:  4  1/4"

Closed:  5  5/8"


case/sheath:  zippered pouch

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