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Tashi Bharucha (Tashi Designs) - Baby SOS

Tashi Bharucha (Tashi Designs) - Baby SOS


This is a Baby SOS model from Tashi Bharucha d/b/a Tashi Designs*. This frame locking flipper features a blade of RWL34 steel with a hand rubbed satin finish and an aggressive compound grind, the handles are blasted Titanium with a decorative laser etched bubble pattern on both the display and reverse sides of the handle, the custom tip up Titanium pocket clip has the same blasted finish as the handles, hardware is stainless and there are Zirconium pivot collars. This knife is new from the makers lottery at the 2022 USN Gathering knife show, Tashi only made 5 of these.


Blade length: 3"

Closed: 4 1/8"


case/sheath: Tashi Made Knives custom logo zippered pouch


* Tashi Bharucha is a graphic designer from France. He has designed knives for many of the most renowned knife makers and production houses in the industry. He also designs and build his own knives such as the one featured here.

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