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Jack Busfield Dagger Brian Hochstrat Engraver

Jack Busfield Dagger Brian Hochstrat Engraver


This is a Price Style Dagger from Jack Busfield. This Art Knife features inlays of rarely seen Sea Snail and the Arabesque Scroll engraving with 22kt gold inlays is by Master Engraver Brian Hochstrat. The Sea Snail inlays have beautiful coloring and make this a very special piece. I commissioned the engraving on this knife and it has been in my personal collection.  This very special piece can now be yours!


I have been a Jack Busfield fan for many years, he is retired now but during the 80's and 90's his inter-frame folders were best of the best, other makers aspired to match his level of fit and finish.


Brian Hochstrat is one of the best American engravers working today. A multi award winner with his work displayed in multiple publications. Another artist of whom I am a longtime fan.


Blade length: 2 11/16"

Closed: 3 3/8"


case/sheath: hook & loop pouch

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