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J B Stout - Silvera Smolboi

J B Stout - Silvera Smolboi


This is a J B Stout Silvera SmolBoi* model. This frame locking flipper features a blade of D2 steel with a flat grind with a fuller on one side and a compound grind on the other, the Titanium frame is anodized a Bluish/Purple with a touch of gold along the edges and decorative milling which adds texture for an improved gripping surface, there is a tip up pocket clip anodized with a bit of the bluish/purple and gold, the standoffs, screws and pivot have a similar anodized finish, and there is a lanyard hole to complete the package. This piece is brand new from J B's Blade Show lottery.


Blade length: 3 1/16"

Closed: 4"


Case/sheath:  Dragon Design roll up pouch and C.O.A.

  • Pricing

    All listed prices are net to Knfeology

  • * SmallBoi

    Urban slang for Small Boy

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