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Antonio Fogarizzu - Art Knife

Antonio Fogarizzu - Art Knife


This magnificent Art Knife is the Fixed Folder Slide Lock from the creative mind of Antonio Fogarizzu. This knife features a combination fixed blade as well as a folding blade. The blades are hand rubbed satin finished ATS-34 and the Art Deco style frame is hand rubbed satin finished 416 stainless steel and has 18K gold pyramid shaped pins at each of the 6 corners, the frame and slide lock "cube" are inlayed with Black Lip Pearl and gold wire. The folding blade is opened by pushing forward on the cube which is set within the frame, this raises the blade ever so slightly above the frame so that it may be lifted and opened to a full 90 degrees from the frame, somewhat reminiscent of a push dagger. The blade locks in place and may be closed by again pushing forward on the cube and folding the blade back into the frame. This knife is a combination of sculpture, masterfull engineering and art, a true masterpiece from one of the elite Italian knife making superstars, a great addition to any collection.  This knife is in excellent condition and is a real eye catcher!


Blade length (measured from the frame): fixed blade 4 1/4"

Folding blade 3 5/16"

Frame/handle: 5"

Overall length: 9 1/4"


Case/sheath: zippered leather pouch

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