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Previously Sold Knives

Michael Quesenberry

Michael Quesenberry is a part time maker, an ABS Journeyman Smith who will soon be testing (probably in 2013) for his Master Smith rating. Michael counts Tim Hancock and Ron Newton as mentors and you can't get any better than that. People are always trying to identify who the rising stars are and acquire their work before they have multi-year wait lists or even stop taking orders, I believe Michael will be one of those people. Some comments by Michael about his craft: "I do all my own leather work  and Damascus, as well as heat treating and cryogenic treatment. I'm continually reading and doing research to further my knowledge of knife making.  I strive for perfection in every knife I build.  From paper sketches to the polished  product, my designs are a balance of solid construction techniques and visual  appeal.  

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