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Previously Sold Knives

Michael Raymond

I first learned of Michael and his knives when I saw a post on one of the knife forums. I was determined to meet him and acquire one of his knives, which I did at one of the NJ shows. Michael brought 20 numbered knives, his Estrella model. They sold out within minutes. I got one and ordered several more. I spent some time talking to Michael and his wife Amber and became a fan and I am enthusiastic about his prospects in the knife world. I saw him again at Blade the following year were he again sold out within minutes.

Michael's father works with his hands and this has been Michael's main inspiration to be constructive and work with his hands for a living. He attended machinist school and worked for an engineering business. His desire to make knives came from a lifelong interest in knives and seeing Scott Cook's impressive work. Scott has become Michael's friend and mentor. I believe the knife world will see great things from Michael.

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