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Previously Sold Knives

Larry Fuegen

Larry Fuegen is one of the elite makers of hand forged knives, he is one of the 25 knifemakers that belong to the AKI (Art Knife Invitational). Larry made his first knife in 1963, forged his first knives in 1975, and in 1987 became a full time bladesmith. In that same year he received his American Bladesmith Society Journeyman rating and his Mastersmith two years later. The list of awards Larry has received for his work is too long to list. Here, in his own words, is Larry's philosophy as relates to his craft.

"Over the years, I've remained true to my belief in soul authorship and the original concept of handmade. All of the work on my knives, bits, spurs, and leatherwork is my own. I hand forge my own blades from bar stock and make my own Damascus steel. I do not use pre made parts, but prefer to make each piece myself. This is never the quickest or easiest route, but when I’m finished, I feel I’ve accomplished what I set out to do – making something truly unique and handmade. I fieldwork, carve or engrave the blades, handles and fittings on my knives/spurs. I do not use any computer operated tools, milling machine or metal lathes, and only the basic tools are in my shop: a drill press, band saw, 2 belt grinders, and one buffer. Small hand tools are made as needed for special applications".

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