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Previously Sold Knives

Jerry Fisk

Jerry has been a full-time maker since 1989 and is an ABS Master Bladesmith. He was recognized as a National Living Treasure in 1999 by the University of North Carolina, one of many awards. Jerry makes simple hunters as well as high art knives with the finest materials and he also does his own engraving. He prefers natural materials for handles and traditional carbon steels for blades or he will make his own Damascus.

Some observations from Jerry quoted from his website; “In these modern times you have to search for something that a craftsman/artist makes one-at-a-time. The days of one person working in their shop to create functional works of art are fast going, as it seems we live in a disposable world. This is your time to own something for you and your family that can be passed down. Each generation will have its own stories of the [knife] and the memories it holds for them. That is something to treasure for the ages”.

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