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Previously Sold Knives

Jeremy Marsh

Jeremy Marsh is one of the "hot" makers on the custom tactical knife scene putting out some spectacular designs. Jeremy sells all his knives via lottery and does not take orders. Here is a little background about Jeremy quoted from his website.

"People often ask how I got involved in knife making. I have always carried a pocket knife, and have always been intrigued and wanted to own a custom made folding knife. I started making rings from titanium for friends and family, and in 2003, my dad came home one day from work with a couple issues of Blade magazine. After a couple days of paging through the magazines, I was on the phone ordering materials for two folding knives. After tearing apart my Benchmade to get the general idea of how these things work, and multiple E-mails to David Broadwell (who took the time to answer every question I had in great detail and who I still owe an extra large 120 oz. half diet half regular big gulp) for pointers, I built my first two knives. These two knives ended up being Christmas gifts. The knives went to my Dad and my Father -in- law. I have been an addict ever since."

Whenever I get a hold of one of his knives I have trouble selling it, not because I cannot find an interested customer, only because I am inclined to keep it for my own collection.

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