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Previously Sold Knives

Jeremy Krammes

Jeremy Krammes is a part time maker producing very few, but very special knives, each year. In a few short years I have seen the quality, fit and finish of his knives improve immensely. Jeremy displays tremendous talent in the design of custom knives. That design talent has been there from the beginning, I recognized that talent within Jeremy from the first of his knives that viewed. Most any knifemaker can learn the mechanics of making a knife and improve on the techniques used to create superior fit and finish, however, the most difficult thing for most every knifemaker is to develop a unique sense of design, that X factor that reveals itself in the look of the finished knife. This is the phenomenon were you look at a knife from a distance and you immediately know who made the knife without having to look at the makers mark. Jeremy has this talent and I believe his knives will become prized and highly sought after as he produces more knives and becomes better known in the knife world.

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