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Jack Busfield

Previously Sold Knives

Jack Busfield first became interested in knives as a youngster; his grandmother bought him knives as souvenirs on the many trips they took together. Jack made his first knife in 1964, a bowie knife, from a car spring while stationed at Beale AFB in California. Jack got serious about knife making in 1979 after reading an article about custom knives. He purchased some equipment and taught himself to make knives. Jack began attending knife shows in California, Phoenix and Las Vegas winning many awards for his workmanship and designs.  In 1982 he joined the Knifemakers Guild. 

Jack has won numerous awards throughout his career. He does all his own work and design including heat-treating, profiling, lapidary work, and photography.  Jack was a pioneer in the use of mineralized materials for inlays such as jade, agate, charoite, etc. In the 80s and 90s Jack's knives, along with those of Steve Hoel, were the standard for inter-frame folders and it's took years for the rest of the market to catch up to them. Jack no longer attends shows nor does he take orders.

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