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Previously Sold Knives

Harvey Dean

Harvey Dean is one of the elite makers of hand forged knives. He made his first knife in 1981 and began hand forging in 1986, he received his American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith rating in 1992. In 2007 Harvey was honored to be selected as one of twenty-five knifemakers to exhibit at the Art Knife Invitational.  Harvey is a multi award winning knife maker and His knives have been featured in many publications and magazines worldwide.

Harvey's goal is to make a knife both he and his customer can be proud of. The different styles of Harvey Dean's knives range from basic utility knives to hunters, camp knives, fighters, Bowies, and folders.  Harvey enjoys the challenge of variety and creativity as he produces other types of weaponry such as swords, battle axes, and creative pieces of an unknown or forgotten era. Harvey is one of the best!

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