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Previously Sold Knives

GTC (Gus Cecchini)

GTC is the trademark of Gustavo (Gus) Cecchini. Gus lives in Sao Jose Rio Preto, Brazil and, besides being a knife maker, is an Agronomic Engineer with a farm in Sao Jose. Gus has been making custom knives since 2004, he is self-taught with respect to the artistic and technical aspects of knife making and with obviously great results. He has won numerous awards including “Best New Maker” at the São Paulo Knife Show in 2006 and “Best Knife” and “Best Folder” at São Paulo Knife Show 2007. Gus, GTC knives, have gained much recognition in the U.S. were Gus attends several shows each year. Gus sells out within minutes of making his knives available at shows.

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