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Previously Sold Knives

Chris Reeve

I know, not really custom but I have liked Chris Reeve knives for many years going back to when his only knives were the hollow handle survival types. Since I occasionally acquire one of his knives I thought I would list Chris in my gallery.

Chris Reeve Knives has been around about 20 years. Some comments from Chris about his knives and his knife making philosophy: “I have always striven to produce the best possible knives with the resources available to me. As we [along with wife Anne] built our business, we worked hard to put as much as possible into every one of our knives. By that, I mean that I have designed every model with deliberation, taking into account how the knife works and the intended purpose of the knife. I have chosen the materials with care, we have paid exceptional attention to the execution of every knife, and have backed our product with the best customer service we can offer."

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