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Previously Sold Knives

Brian FellHoelter

Brian Fellhoelter is an award winning knifemaker specializing in folders. Brian wanted to make knives since he was a kid, he has carried a knife pretty much every day since he was 10. When he was 13 he got a Swiss Army Knife for Christmas and that was the day that he knew he would one day make a knife. In 2005 he indeed made his first knife and within two months he was selling knives. Nine months after that he won Best New maker at the BAKCA show, the first of many awards.

From Brian; "One of the things I enjoy most about making knives is creating something with my hands that will end up being used in your hands. I derive great pleasure from creating tools for others (and myself) to use. Also, the camaraderie of the knife making community is just a wonderful thing. I know of no other industry where competitors will so willingly share knowledge and information with each other".

Brians knives continue to win awards including Best Tactical Folder at the Blade Show 2011! Brian 's knives sell out at every show.

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