Warren Osborne - "The Colosseum" engraving by C J Cai

Warren Osborne - "The Colosseum" engraving by C J Cai


The "Colosseum" knife is a Warren Osborne Mannequin Double Pocket Locket (The double pocket locket feature is a homage to the late Joe Kious who was known for this feature). This knife features a blade of Mike Norris SS Damascus with rose gold pin openers and a fuller with inlayed rose gold pins, a rose gold bail and of coarse the two hidden pocket lockets. The engraving features inlays of gold, copper and silver, the top bolsters are adorned with lions, popular attractions within the Colosseum, gladiators battling are on the display side of the knife and the reverse side of the knife displays a chariot, with the Colosseum clearly in view in the back ground, charging forward, within the hidden pockets a victorious gladiator standing over his opponent while receiving the thumbs down signal deciding the opponents fate and under the other pocket a gladiator battling a lion. A very cool tribute to ancient Rome.


Blade length: 4"

Closed: 5 1/2" including bail

Overall: 9 1/2"


Case/sheath: Bill's Custom Case 

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    C J Cai - Engraver

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