Todd Rexford - RUT V4

Todd Rexford - RUT V4


This is a Rexford Custom R.U.T (Rexford Utility Tool) V4 featuring a frame of blasted 6Al4V Titanium and a Hot Hammered Titanium Inlay. The R.U.T functions as a compact utility knife with a replaceable standard razor blade as well as a #2 Flathead Screwdriver or light duty pry bar and as a bottle/can opener and a hex tool that doubles as a lanyard loop.  As a bonus, this RUT is accompanied by 4 lazer engraved razors as pictured.


To use the blade, pinch the RUT between your middle finger and thumb near the bottom of the tool. Move the lock bar over to the left side of the tool with your index finger while grasping the blade with your other hand. be sure to pull the blade straight out so it doesn't hang up. When the lock bar lock is clear of the blade pull the blade out and let the lock engage in the slot of the blade. To retract the blade, open the lock bar with one hand and tilt the tool to the rear which allows the blade to fall back into the handle. The blade can be changed by holding the lock bar open and sliding the blade out.


There are multiple ways to open the lock bar, this is just one of them. Regarding fit of the razor blade, not all blades are manufactured to the same size specifications, you will need to determine which brand works best for you.


Approximant dimensions:

Length - 3.5"

Width - 1"

Thickness - .2"

Weight - 0.9 oz

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