Tim Hancock The Western Bladesmith

Tim Hancock The Western Bladesmith - Hardcover - sold


Tim Hancock: The Western Bladesmith (Custom Knifemakers of the World, Volume 2) Hardcover – Deluxe Edition by David Darom.


"This Western Bladesmith thrives on pushing the envelope of possibilities to create new and different charismatic knife designs that always reflect his affinity for the Old West." Tim Hancock's art of the Western Bladesmith is the subject of this limited edition publication created by Dr. David Darom. It is the second volume in the "Custom Knifemakers of the World" series. Through the application of high quality original color photography, you will glean insight into Hancock's personal life, you will witness his unique style of making artistic and fully functional knives, and you can behold many of the spectacular pieces he has made thus far in his world-class career as the true Western Bladesmith. (This description, shamelessly stolen from multiple sources on the internet, none of which were attributed to an original author.)


This copy is in excellent condition and it is signed by the author. It is long ago sold out.

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