Tanner Couch - Trapper

Tanner Couch - Trapper


This is a Semi Skinner Trapper model from Tanner Couch d/b/a Couch Knives. Tanner is one of the "South Texas Slip Joint Cartel". This knife features a blade of Bill Poor's Feather Pattern Damascus, it has a nail nick opener and is also pinchable, it sports some beautiful Mammoth scales with a Double Bomb shield, a CPM-154 back spring with nicely executed file work, 416 SS fluted bolsters and 410 steel milled liners. This is a very handsome e piece from an up-and-coming knifemaker. This is brand new from the maker, received at the 2021 Blade Show.


Blade length: 3 5/8"

Closed: 4 1/2"


Case/sheath: Custom Couch Knives logo zippered pouch and a C.O.A.

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