Scott Sawby/Ray Cover Jr - Dancing Dragon

Scott Sawby/Ray Cover Jr - Dancing Dragon


This is "Dancing Dragon", an Art Knife by Scott Sawby with engraving by Ray Cover Jr. I am sure you have seen plenty of knives with Dragon themed embellishment, but this is a bit different, notice the legs & feet under the Dragon......Dancing Dragon is in celebration of the Chinese New Year and the tradition of the Dragon Dance*. The knife is a Sawby Tern model with a Norris Damascus stainless blade and the patented Sawby self-lock, the engraving depicts a Dragon Dance and wraps all around the knife (an unusual and difficult task for the engraver), the Chinese Lanterns are Copper and have patinaed, there are Gold highlights on the lanterns, and the Dragon, and there are Green stones set in the eyes of the Dragon. This is a very cool piece that has been a safe queen in my personal collection for several years and I am now offering it up to another discerning collector.  The first pictures with the blue background are current and the ones with the brown background are prior to the Copper having patinaed. It will be up to the new owner to leave as is or to shine it up depending on the look that is preferred.


Blade length: 2 5/8"

Closed: 3 3/4"


case/sheath: zippered pouch


* The dragon dance, also known as longwu () or longdeng (), is a traditional Chinese dance performance involving a team of performers using poles to rhythmically move a dragon prop.

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