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Richard Tesarik Magnolia

Richard Tesarik - Magnolie - sold


This beautiful work of art is from Richard Tesarik. This knife is named Magnolie (Magnolia in English). This liner locking folder features a hand sculpted RWL34 blade which is opened by a pull on the sculpted blade, the frame is finely file worked along the spine, and back spacer is hand sculpted, the scales are a combination of Ebony, Ivory, and German Silver, and are hand sculpted with a beautiful flowing pattern. This is a great piece with a combination of superior materials that blend into an overall look that really stands out.


Richard is from Brno in the Czech Republic; he rarely comes to the US. If Richard's work "speaks to you" as it does to me, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and acquire his work when the opportunity arises! This piece has been a safe queen within my collection and is in as new condition. Alas, it is time to allow someone else to enjoy it.


Blade length: 3 1/8"

Handle: 4 1/2"


Case/sheath: zippered pouch & Certificate of Authenticity

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