Richard Tesarik Custom Knife

Richard Tesarik - Butterfly - sold lay-a-way


This beautiful work of art is from Richard Tesarik. This knife is named "Butterfly". Richard is a from Brno in the Czech Republic. I saw my first Tesarik knife at the ECCKS show in September 2014 and immediately bought it, I am a huge fan of his work. This tail locking knife features a hand sculpted Nickel Carbon Damascus blade, the frame is finely file worked along the spine, the bolsters are hand sculpted Mosaic Damascus, the scales are hand sculpted Mammoth, Ebony and Silver, the scale also has inlayed silver pins. This is a great piece with a combination of superior materials that blend into a overall look that really stands out. There are very few of Richards pieces available, he only comes to the US to display once a year. If Richard's work "speaks to you" as it does to me I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and acquire his work when the opportunity arises! I believe once Richard is "discovered" his work will be almost imposible to find as even now his work is highly sought after and he cannot keep up with demand. This knife is new from the maker, I have been holding onto it since I acquired it so I could enjoy it but alas, it is time to allow someone else to enjoy it. His work is finding its way into many a collection and his prices have continued to climb. He is hoping to become a full time maker, now is a great time to acquire his work.


Blade length: 3 7/16"

Handle: 4 13/16"

Overall: 8 1/4"

case/sheath: zippered pouch & Certificate of Authenticity

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