Richard Rogers - Fancy Pup (Damasteel & Zirc) - sold

Richard Rogers - Fancy Pup (Damasteel & Zirc) - sold


This is the new Richard Rogers Pup model, this front flipping, frame locking knife features a Damasteel blade, a Titanium frame with a Zirconium* inlay, the inlay is Richard's Ripple Pattern, the back spacer is also Zirconium and there is a custom tip up pocket clip with decorative milling. This one is brand new from the maker delivered to me at the Blade Show.


Blade length: 2 1/16"

Closed: 3"


Case/sheath: Rogers logo'd presentation box and C.O.A.


* The Zirconium has an oil slick finish which creates the colors that appear when exposed to certain lighting conditions and viewed at certain angles.  Most of the time it simply looks grey.

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