Mike Quesenberry Custom Knife

Mike Quesenberry - Push Dagger - sold


A stunningly beautiful Push Dagger from Mike Quesenberry.  This piece of art features Mikes own Damascus, the handle is Ebony with hand checkering and gold pique work.  The Gold inlay engraving was done by Joe Mason, note the "Quesnberry MS #1" inlay on the frame, pretty cool!  This Push Dagger from Mike Quesenberry has been in my personal collection, it represents a number of firsts for him.  This was his first Push Dagger, this was the first time he had done pique work and this is the first knife created with his ABS Master Smith stamp!  Mike is also a member of the AKI (Art Knife Invitational) group of makers.  Top quality art knife from a top maker!


Blade length:  4  1/4"

Overall:  7"

Handle width:  4  1/4"


Case/sheath:  Zippered pouch


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