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Michael Burch - Mini Persian (Meteorite)

Michael Burch - Mini Persian (Meteorite)


This is a liner locking Mini Persian flipper model from Michael Burch d/b/a Burchtree Bladeworks. This knife features a hand rubbed satin finished blade of CPM-154 steel, the Titanium frame is anodized a nice bronze color, the bolsters are made from The Seymchan Meteorite* and the scales are Carbon Fiber. The pivot rings as well as the custom tip up pocket clip are Zirconium, and the floating raised and tapered back spacer is Zirconium. A fantastic knife from a highly acclaimed maker whose work is much sought after. This piece has been in my personal collection and is new from the maker, a 2021 build.


Blade length: 3 1/8"

Closed: 4 3/8"


Case/sheath: Bill's Custom Case and a C.O.A.


* The Seymchan Meteorite was originally found in 1967 in the dry riverbed of the Hekandue River in the Magadan region of Russia. The Seymchan Meteorite is considered stable and rust resistant. This meteorite is considered rare due to its structure and composition (Pallasite, containing Olivine crystals) and to further contribute to its rarity it also has a seldom seen feature on iron meteorites, a Widmanstatten pattern.

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