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Larry Fuegen - Push Dagger

Larry Fuegen - Push Dagger


This is one of Larry Fuegens Push Daggers, this one is Top of the Line with fantastic materials and finishes. The blade is Larry's own Damascus and is contoured and sculpted, the handle is Ebony, which is also contoured and sculpted, it is affixed to the frame with gold pins and there is a gold collar beneath the handle, there is also extensive engraving all along the edges of the frame and an engraved gold inlay along the top of the frame. The sheath is wrapped in exotic leather with silver colored tip and throat, the throat has a gold band surrounding the top and fine decoration on both the tip and throat. Both the knife and sheath are sole authorship by Larry, and both are signed. It doesn't get much better than this! This piece was built for me by Larry and had resided in my personal collection, the condition is as new from the maker.


Blade: 2 7/8' up to the sculpted throat, the Damascus is 3 1/2" overall. The Ebony is 3 1/2" across, 2 3/8" tall and the handle is 3/4" wide


Case/sheath: Sheath is fitted and has a silver-colored tip and throat with a gold band, it is wrapped in exotic leather.

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