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Kevin Foster - Juvey Swordfish - sold

Kevin Foster - Juvey Swordfish - sold


This is a Juvey Swordfish model from Kevin Foster d/b/a Foster SoCal. This Titanium frame locking ambidextrous slot opener features a hand rubbed satin finished blade of CPM 154 steel and it runs on Skiff Rocket Ring bearings, the presentation side of the Titanium frame is decorated with 3 groves and 5 speed holes which all add to a positive grip, the pivot has an Abalone inlay, the tip up pocket clip is from Steel Flame with a Foster So Cal logo and a Mermaid, this one has Titanium stand-offs and all other hardware is Titanium. This knife is new, direct from Kevin to me at the recent USN show.


Blade length: 3 1/2"

Closed: 4 1/2"


Case/sheath: soft Foster So Cal pouch with hook and loop closure, C.O.A. included. 

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