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Keanan Long - Sculpted Brass Paperweight

Keanan Long - Sculpted Brass Paperweight


This is a Sculpted Brass Paperweight from Keanan Long d/b/a Metal.ock.customs.  Keanan calls this piece  “Devilish Impulses” , it is made from 1/2” 360 brass, handcarved with rotary tools.  The leather sheath is from Jeremy Wilson with Hatestick Manufacturing Co.  This piece is new from Metalockcustoms at the 2023 USN Gathering.


Width:  4 1/4"

Heigth:  2 5/8"


Case/sheath:  Leather Sheath with pocket clip from Jeremy Wilson at Hatestick Customs


Metal.ock.customs builds Custom Brass Metal Art, all of his pieces are individually hand crafted and are for decorative purposes only.

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