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Kay Embretsen - Gunstock Pattern - traded

Kay Embretsen - Gunstock Pattern - traded


This is a Gunstock pattern from Kay Embretsen. This double-bladed slip joint features Kaj's Damascus, a fine ladder pattern for the blades, which have half stops and nail nick openers, and his Snowflake pattern Damascus for the bolsters, the scales are beautiful green mammoth, pins are gold, liners are file worked all the way around as are the back spacers. For many years I collected custom Gunstock pattern knives, having some of the best knifemakers in the world built them for me. I only asked that they be two bladed and 3 1/4" closed but gave the makers full latitude beyond that to make the knives their own, this was the result from Kay. This piece has been in my personal collection for many years, and I am now making it available to some discerning collector. It is a unique and beautiful piece.


Blade length: 2 3/4" (primary blade), 1 1/2" (secondary blade)

Closed: 3/1/4"


Case/sheath: zippered pouch

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