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Josef Rusnak - Lalique


This amazing work of art is a sole authorship piece from the most talented Josef Rusnak. Josef is not only a knifemaker, he possesses the skills of a goldsmith and engraver, he can sculpt and create castings, he lives in the Czech Republic and rarely attends any U S knife shows. He only produces a few knives each year. This art knife, Lalique, featuring the image of a curvy 1920's French damsel that graced a Lalique perfume bottle of that same era, this piece features carved interior Mammoth, a blade of RWL34 with a mirror finish, 14kt gold accents, a frame of 416 steel with integral bolsters, Titanium liners which are anodized blue and file worked. Josef has done a couple of the Lalique knives, each with some very small differences so each is unique. This is one fantastic work of art, new from the maker. Don't let this one slip out of your hands!


Blade length: 3 3/4"

Closed: 4 3/4" 

Overall: 8 1/2"


Case/sheath; zippered pouch

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