Jonas Iglesias - Lycan


This is the Lycan from Jonas Iglesias d/b/a JIKnives.  This is one of the very few flipper models that Jonas produces.  This frame locking flipper features a hand rubbed satin finished blade of AEBL steel, the Titanium handle has a textured finish with milling that is both decorative and aides in an improved grip, the custom tip up pocket clip is Zirconium with a textured finish to match the frame and the hardware is hidden, There is a Zirconium floating back spacer, the pivot is blackened and milled and the screws are blacked Titanium, the detent and bearings are ceramic.  This knife has a firm detent, it is brand new from the maker.  Jonas's work is in high demand and always sells out quickly via lottery and bid up at shows.   This is a good opportunity to acquire a really nice piece, don't hesitate!


Blade length:  3  5/8"

Closed:  4  9/16"


Case/sheath:  zippered pouch


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