John Barker - Yatagarasu - Sold

This is John Barker's newest model, the Yatagarasu*.  This knife is a frame locking flipper featuring a Damacore recurve tanto blade, floating Damacore back spacer, Titanium frame & pocket clip with blasted finishes, zirc pivot collar, dual ano pivot hardware and even the base of the torx screw holes are anodizied.  Very Cool!


Blade length:  3  1/8"

Closed:  4  1/4"


Case/sheath:  Barker custom logo pouch


Yatagarasu, a three-legged crow said to inhabit the sun, appearing across East Asian folklore.  The three legs of the bird represent heaven, earth and humanity, while the crow itself represents the sun. This symbolizes that heaven, earth, and mankind all come from the same sun and are like brothers to each other. From John, his thoughts on the Yatagarasu name "The name also means evidence of the will of heaven in human affairs in Japanese culture. Knifemaking for me, is a gift and something I attribute to God’s plan for me. So in this new design I wanted to acknowledge that power and influence. Since my designs are tantos I wanted to do it with a Japanese twist."

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