JFA 4 watch winder

JFA Four Watch Winder


This is a Four Watch Winder from JFA.  These watch winders are made in Germany and known for there reliabilty.  I have had this one for many years but it has been sitting in storage, unused for quite some time (I have a nine watch winder that I now use).  Below is a review of this winder by noted watch entusiast Ariel Adams of ABlogToWatch.


"Most of the watch winders I have owned or operated are not worth the money, at all. But when I first laid eyes on the JFA Four Watch Winder, I knew there was a lot of thought put it to it. The system is dead simple. A revolving carousel like system with four spinning arms. It basically looks like a carnival ride, but for watches. The winder has no buttons or controls, just plug it in. You simply place as many watch on the carousel as you want, and they spin for a bit…stop…and then go back the same way. This ensures that the watches are always wound, without being over wound.

Equally simple is the watch clip. Good for watches with straps or bracelets, you squeeze the clip with your finger and place the watch over it, then slide it on the arm. You can do this while the hands are turning or stopped, the system is not that fragile (don’t try that with other winders unless you want to cry). The clips hold the watches snugly without damaging them. It is really a wonderfully engineered little system.

The JFA Four Watch Winder is also really quiet and only takes up as much space as necessary. I have two of them sitting next to each other, and I love them. They are easily the best watch winders I have ever owned. At a retail price of just under $400, they are not especially cheap, but they are a bargain given the market. If you are looking for a well designed watch winder at a reasonable price that is function first, and actually looks interesting while operating, my advice is to go with a JFA watch winder"


The watch winder comes in it's original shipping box.  Here is a link to a YouTube video of one of these winders in action

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