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Jason Clark - MSJ Persian - sold

Jason Clark - MSJ Persian - sold


This is a MSJ Persian model from Jason Clark, a Shadow Pattern (no bolsters, the blade of CPM154 steel with a satin belt finish  has an upturned (Persian style) tip and a RC hardness of 60, this this slip joint features a detent, half stop and a pull of around 4 - 4.5 on a 10 pt scale, liners are Titanium, and the scales are LSCF (Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber), there is a lanyard hole and an included lanyard.  This knife is new from the maker and will serve you well for EDC (Every Day Carry).


Blade length:  3 1/16"

Closed:  4 1/16"


Case/sheath:  This comes in a soft leather Clark Custom Knives slip pouch and a C.O.A.

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