GTC Gus Cecchini Flipper

GTC - Reduced Styx


This GTC (Gus Cecchini) Reduced Styx frame locking flipper is one beautiful sculpture in steel, it features a Titanium frame with wonderfully angled facets and decorative mill work, this is one of the most elaborately finished of all of the reduced Styx models that Gus has made, the CPM 154 blade has a hand rubbed satin finish and a fascinating compound grind that looks as though it came from the future, the Titanium pocket clip, which is set for tip up carry, is anodized a pleasing blue so that visually it stands out from the frame though in reality it is one of Gus's "Flush Clips" which sets nicely into the frame so as not to stand out making for a sleeker knife, the stand offs are also anodized blue to match the clip and a lanyard hole completes the package. I received this sculptural work of art new from the maker and it has resided in my personal collection since that time. I am making it available now only to facilitiate replacement within my collection of another piece from Gus. If you want it, get it now before I change my mind and keep it for myself!


Blade length: 3 1/4"

Closed: 4 1/2"

Overall: 7 3/4"


Case/sheath: GTC zippered pouch and COA

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