Enrique Pena - Apache (Mammoth, Mokume) - sold

Enrique Pena - Apache (Mammoth, Mokume) - sold


This is the Apache from Enrique Pena. This is a very special Apache; I gave Enrique some mammoth a couple years ago and this is what he used for the scales, and they are beautiful! This bolster locking Front Flipper also features a hand rubbed satin finished blade of CPM 154 steel with milled groves at the top rear of the blade to facilitate an easy front flipping action and to provide an improved grip when open, the bolsters are Mokume, the frame is blasted Ti, there are red liners, and there is a different piece of mammoth that was used for the back spacer. This is an exceptionally nice knife, Enrique almost never uses mammoth for his scales so this is a rare one, it is brand new from the maker.  


Blade length: 2 13/16"

Closed: 3 3/4"


Case/sheath: Custom Pena Logo Zipper Pouch

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