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Elizabeth Loerchner - "Ros" Art Knife - sold

Elizabeth Loerchner - "Ros" Art Knife - sold


This is "Ros" from Elizabeth Loerchner. Ros translates from Latin into Dew (as in the morning dew). This Art Knife is a lock back featuring a frame of 416 steel contoured and sculpted by Elizabeth, the blade is 440C and is sculpted and has a mirror polished finish, the most remarkable feature of this piece is the inlayed cloisonné work with gold wire inlays and semi-precious stones. Elizabeth does not use any power tools; all these fantastic swirls and curves are done by hand with a large assortment of files and ultra-fine sandpaper. This knife possesses classic lines as well as the outstanding finish you might expect from the Loerchner pedigree. This piece was received new from the maker and has been in my personal collection, the condition is as new from the maker.


Elizabeth is the daughter of Wolfgang Loerchner, arguably one of the best and most highly collectible knifemakers in the world. Elizabeth, having learned from the best, is following in his footsteps with her own style and innovative twists found within her work. Her use of Cloisonné has gained her immediate attention in the Art Knife world.


Blade length: 3 1/4"

Closed: 4 1/4"


Case/sheath: Custom exotic leather sheath

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