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Don Polzien Tanto

Don Polzien - Tanto


Don Polzien Custom Tanto. This is a presentation quality Tanto from award winning sword maker Don Polzien who d/b/a Blinding Light Knives specializes in creating traditional Japanese style Samurai weapons and doing restoration work on the same. This Tanto features a San Mai blade of stainless steel with a carbon steel core, the grind is a Shobu Zukuri style, the Saya (scabbard) is hand carved, red lacquered wood in a traditional Lobster Tail pattern, notice the Kojiri (scabbard tip) as it forms the tip of the lobsters tail, the Tsuka (handle) is wood hand wrapped with white Stingray and black silk cord, the Fuchi (blade collar) is Silver, the Seppa (spacers) are all Copper, the Fuchi (collar), Menuki (ornament)and the Kashira (buttcap) are Bronze, all the fittings, with the exception of the Tsuba which is original from the 1800's, are replicas of originals from days long past. This is a beautiful piece that would enhance any collection or look good on it's own displayed in your home. 


Blade length (including Fuchi): 10  3/4"

Handle (including Tusba: 5"

Overall: 15 3/4" 

Sheath/case: as pictured

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