David DrT Taber Sowbelly Slipjoint with Westie and Fordite

David "DrT" Taber - Sowbelly


This striking folder is a Sowbelly from David "DrT" Taber featuring a great mixture of materials providing for a very modern appearance of a normally sedate traditional knife.  This piece features Corvette Fordite* bolsters, Vintage Westinghouse Micarta scales, a Federal Shield of Fordite, stainless liners, pivot and hardware along with a hand rubbed satin finished clip point blade of CPM154 steel.  The pull is about 5 on a 1 - 10 scale.  This one is brand new from the maker.


Blade length:  2  11/16"

Closed:  3  7/8"


Case/sheath:  zippered pouch, certificate of authenticity & a DrT keychain


* Corvette Fordite is years of overspray buildup from the Corvette factory paint room.  The painting methods have changed, and the paint room was dismantled and an employee broke paint off the walls and sold it to a jewelry maker.

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